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Patient feedback is always welcome, hear what Ashling’s clients have to say …

I initially went to Ashling for my first treatment 3 years ago after seeing and hearing some great results from my friend.
I have been going consistently ever since! The results of my Botox were incredible, leaving me feeling so much better about my ageing process. I had so many comments from friends and family about my improved appearance despite them not knowing that I had any procedures done, as the results were so natural yet I looked so much younger.

3 years later I still go every 4-6 months to Ashling as she listens to my needs, is so experienced and I know all my treatments will be just how I like them to be! I think when embarking on any treatments and procedures you need to feel confident and have complete trust in that person as it’s a serious decision to undertake. Ashling makes you feel this way and I wouldn’t go to anyone else.


I first even met Ashling about 8 years ago when she held a clinic at her home.  From the minute I met her she made me feel so at ease and reassured me of any questions or concerns I had, I went to her clinic  in August of last year for Botox round my eyes and the results yet again where amazing, she’s very open and honest with her clients and it’s about finding what’s right for you.

I Can’t wait to visit the clinic again this year but this time I’m having 3 areas of Botox done. I’m 34 with 3 children so lack of sleep over time has taken its toll, but having Botox really refreshed my face not to mention my eyes bye bye crows feet.  I had so many comments about how well I look but I never let on to  anyone my secret! If anyone is thinking about having a procedure done at this clinic please go for a consultation, as soon as you meet Ashling you will know she’s the right person to go with.


Just wanted to say a huge thank you and let you know how I have really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere of your clinic. 

I have had incredible results and am really happy with the natural effects of my Botox treatment.  It is often difficult to trust people in this industry but having received a recommendation from my friend, I am so satisfied, I wanted a very natural look.
After two years of treatment I am still very happy with the results.


Ashling is such a professional – her clinic is spotless and she is so safety conscious, I always feel really confident about the results i will get. I have now visited her clinic a number of times for various treatments and on every occasion she has really taken the time to understand what I want to achieve. My main concern was skin texture and appearance.

As I suffer from Rosacea I have tried every treatment on the market to no avail. I had begun to give up hope until Ashling prescribed ZO products and radio frequency treatment. She also helped relax the lines around my eyes and between my brows. Thank you so much Ashling you have helped be regain my confidence!


I was very nervous about having any treatments done, as a bloke I never really bothered with skin care. I initially went for a consultation for forehead lines 5 years ago.  Ashling put me at ease and talked me through all the options.  I have subsequently had lots of successful treatments and feel great.  I also use the skin care products at home and my skin looks amazing – thank you Ashling.


Ashling has been doing botox for me for the last 2 years and I am really pleased. She really listens to you and the look that you want to achieve, but also gives lots of constructive advice. Ash is really personable and makes you feel relaxed. Great results Ash, a very happy customer!


I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Ashling Donnelly to anyone considering aesthetic/skincare treatment and advice. The level of care and communication she offers on everything in her field of expertise is absolutely second to none. 

I’ve had a range of treatments including lip and cheek fillers as well as Botox and been overjoyed with the results.  Ashling has always made me feel at ease when attending her clinic, creating the perfect environment due to its high standards of cleanliness and yet comfortable nature. Extremely professional, she takes the time to explain the procedure/treatments every step of the way as well as aftercare required for long lasting results. 

I’m currently using the ZO skincare range as recommended by Ashling and I can honestly say it is the best I’ve ever used. I suffered from breakouts of acne on my neck for many years which were unsightly and painful, making me feel embarrassed and self conscious. These have all but disappeared since using ZO products, truly succeeding where everything else I’ve used over the years has failed.  Not only is my skin clearer and brighter, but as a user of ZO’s anti ageing products it means my skins is younger and firmer looking too.

Ashling continues to exceed my expectations not only by the results of her procedures and treatments but by the care and the consideration towards what I want to achieve. I truly cannot recommend enough.


I was very nervous about treatment due to what I had seen on TV and in magazines. However from my mid 20’s I had suffered with acne, Rosacea and strong forehand lines.

Ashling has been treating me for almost a decade now and I have never looked back. She always puts me completely at ease and fully explains treatments step by step, I feel vey safe in her hands and fully reassured.

I have had a range of treatments – peels, line relaxation, cheek filler, derma stamp, prp … I have always been delighted with the results. I know Ashling would never promote anything she didn’t believe in. I am also a huge fan of zo and skinade! People are often surprised I am almost 44 … It’s all thanks to Ashling!