The Treatment

Tixel is a new skin tightening procedure effective treatment for facial wrinkles, loose skin and hyperpigmentation on the neck, hands and face.

It uses tiny cones that are heated to 400 degrees and are pressed across the face and neck for microseconds which results in the stimulation of collagen resulting in tighter skin.

A recent scientific study demonstrated Tixel provides excellent results with low pain, low downtime and quick patient recovery.

The results are similar to a fractional CO2 laser, it is an excellent, non-invasive way to treat loose skin around the forehead, eyelids, cheek mouth, peri-oral lines, neck, décolletage jawline or jowls and certain other areas of the body

Is it painful?
Local anaesthetic cream is applied for 30 mins.  Most patients feel some heat and minor discomfort, like sunburn. Immediately after treatment there will be redness with small brown micro crusts, in the treated area, which may be visible for 1-2 days.

Recovery time
Following treatment, the eyelids swell temporarily, which settle in 48-72 hours, and may be reduced by taking anti-inflammatory tablets

The pink skin can take 1-2 weeks to settle. It is essential not to scratch, pick or rub the area treated as this can lead to scarring. It is important not to use exfoliant / glycolic or retinol-based products for 2 weeks after Tixel, It is important to protect the skin from direct sunlight for 4 weeks after.

There is minimal downtime – you can return home immediate after procedure.

Most people start to see results after just one treatment but need a recommended course of 3-6 treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart, with lasting improvement in skin tightness and tone for up to 12-24 months. As new collagen formation generally takes 3-6 months, Ashling advises a course of at least  3 treatments spaced 4 -5 weeks apart, with a review at 3 months after the 3rd treatment to appreciate the final result. More sessions can then be planned based on individual results.

Long-lasting results – lasts 12-24 months

Ashling Donnelly Aesthetic Clinic is the first clinic in Leeds to offer this treatment