Many men and women are unhappy with the shape of their nose but don’t want to resort to surgery which can be expensive and involve lengthy recovery time. Non surgical rhinoplasty can be a better alternative for many. For the right patient it can be a safer, faster and painless procedure. Using dermal fillers, Ashling can build up the nose to disguise or fill out deformities in the bridge of the nose to smooth out the profile, creating a straighter nose shape. Fillers can help with humps, bumps, depressions and dips in the nose creating a more pleasing profile.

Is it painful?
The filler is injected in small amounts into precise locations in the nose area. Most patients describe this as feeling mildly uncomfortable

Recovery time
You should avoid touching the nose for at least 5 hours to prevent infection. As with any injectable treatment there is a risk of bruising.

Results are instantaneous and can last up to 6-12 months

On the whole results last approximately 1 years