Platelet Rich Plasma, commonly referred to as PRP , gathers your own blood which is then spun down and separated producing a concentration of platelets above the normal values. Platelets are the clotting cells of our blood, but they also have great potential in enhancing healing of muscle, tendon and ligaments. They contain several different growth factors and when re-injected back into the skin release these growth factors that trigger surrounding cells to multiply and increase in volume, stimulate repair and rejuvenate the skin. They stimulate collagen production increasing skin elasticity that results in a noticeably smoother complexion. Can also be used to treat hair loss. Best results are seen when having a course of these treatments.

Is it painful?
Local anaesthetic cream is applied on cleansed skin for 30 mins. There is minimal pain as a series of small injections are carried out

Recovery Times
The vast majority of patients recover from this procedure in anywhere from 2 to 7 days. There may be mild swelling and redness post treatment as the platelets activate the inflammatory cascade that results in improved collagen and elastin.

Can take up to 3 months for optimum results

A course of at least 3 treatments in recommend with a gap of 4 weeks in between. Most patients will require an annual top up.

Prices from £250